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Putting together more than 200 websites in the last 25 years has given Engrafito the edge and knowledge that goes into practice every time we start a new project. Learning never stops! The simpler the better! Keeping things simple and struggling with common sense adding drops of new concepts and simplicity that we strive to reflect on our work.
As the little prince said " The essential is invisible to the eyes".

In 1991 - 26 Years ago. Engrafito started working as a Graphic Design Studio. What was then the boom in Desktop Publishing using the leading edge software at that time - PageMaker by Aldus.  We currently still do graphic design but time has given us the edge, expertise and experiences with customers that have taught us Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Applications, Branding  and Web Site Promotion.

More than 150 customers later we can now look back and realize how much better we have become and how much more we can give our customers. Today our clients benefit from our good graphic design standards, our proven web design methodology and our search engine registration techniques.  

Our Bilingual websites help your company reach new audiences and expand their scope as they have done for many others in the last 15 years when we built our first corporate website www.indivor.com, which is still online and growing and still one of our valued customers.

26 years have gone by, and we now look back and see big and small businesses that in the beginning just started their websites as part of an innovation to their businesses and now depend fully on them and their email hosting services provided by us.

More than 2.000 people currently depend on us for their web presence and email. Many have been benefited by our work. They have reached audiences worldwide, have exported their products and have been acknowledged by colleagues overseas.

Everyday has presented new challenges that we have successfully resolved.

We can now after 26 years, offer you with all confidence a  straight forward service that will make things simple for you and your business.

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