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Moving  or  redesigning  your  website?

It is very common for companies to come to a point where they feel that their website should be revamped, many times when someone new comes into the marketing department, and brings along many “ great ideas”.

We know the feeling of:” We have hired a web marketing genius and he wants to talk to you ASAP. He’s got  great new ideas”.

Before throwing away your old website, letting go of your “old” web designer and his/her design-hosting company, please take some time to look at the real facts.

Keep in mind that taking the wrong detour might affect your traffic and cause you to lose visitors and ranking. Don’t wait until it’s too late. And you end up calling your old web designer asking him  to restore everything back to normal. We have been there and reviving a corpse is quite a task.

1. Go take a look at your stats and check how many visitors are coming thru your website. How many leads, how many sales. Look for how many contact forms and new visitors you are getting every week or month.

2. Check which screens in your website are the most successful in stats and hits, they should not disappear.

3. Check with search engines to see, what Search Keyphrases most used. They are your strong hold to search engines, (never let them go).

4. Consider making subtle but significant changes that can improve your web presence and hits, on definite points that are not paying back as you wish, before starting from scratch.

5. Do consider twice before changing your hosting  company, your platform, and your designer. All of those sudden changes are only going to distant you and your business from all of your hits, visits and high stats.

6. If so, don´t delete your “old website”, to try to put up a new one.

7. Upload your “new” website on the same server hopefully as your old one.

8.  Redirect old screens to new screens. ´Create new files with logical names Search engines will understand (who-we-are.html)

9. Re-write and enrich all your old key words and page descriptions on your new website.

10. Include more detailed information, better content, new upgraded pics without throwing away all the old stuff. There must be a lot of valuable stuff in your old website.

11. Make changes gradually, a few screen per day. Make your changes worthwhile. Get the search engines to notices your frequent changes.

12. Leave e-commerce for the last. If it is complicated, make e commerce changes and upload onto a new domain, so you can run trials and not affect old and working e-commerce platform.

13. Once e-commerce has been fully solved and changed, redirect all e-commerce to the new domain, in a manner that will be transparent for your visitors and operations are not affected.

14. Take the time to redirect screen by screen to the new website, so traffic is not affected.

15. Run only two revisions by you and your designer, don’t let the website design task become an all in the company project, because you will never complete your job if you ask every person in your staff for their opinion.

16. Redirect 404 error pages to your new website.

17. Review your FAQ for new questions that might have come up with time and refresh with new ones.

18. Check and include Google and Bing Verification files on the new website.

19. Include robots.txt and sitemap.xml on to your new website.

20. If you didnt run all of these on a timely manner as the changes were done, dont cry. Google and Bing positions can be lost per week.

21. If you haven´t built  your mobile website , now is the perfect time to do it and to redirect properly according to the devices used so it comes up when necessary. If your platform is reponsive you won’t need to worry about this point.