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Content is king!

Getting visitors to your website can be the first hurdle in your Marketing Strategy. In case they haven’t told you: Design and movement aren’t the only key. People will find you if you have good content, new stuff, new articles and show frequent changes, updates and dedication to your online presence, most surely people will start coming.


Write your own stuff or hire someone to do it for you. But please … Be original it will surely pay off!

Offer something new once in a while. Sit down and explain what you sell or do in the most basic plain English you can imagine. Visitors will thank you for it. Show your audience that you have put a lot of work and dedication in your online presence. That every word is yours and that nothing has been copied or pasted from someone else´s work on the Internet.

Copying other people´s work is not only illegal but will surely fire back with time.
Give your readers clear and specific information to help them decide in making an educated decision in why or why not working or buying from you. Be honest in what you can or can´t do. But most of all be original, it will be the only place on the web where those words are found!

SEO Friendly

If you have good and well written content, and have also taken the time to setup good page descriptions, key words, site maps and robots.txt  and have uploaded them to search engines, most surely you will be indexed and ranked by them.

Good content brings a lot of word diversity to your website. New ideas, concepts, opinions and diverse and different points of view, make your website rich in vocabulary which in turn will move the wheels at search engines once they find you have specific words; which are the real stuff that search engines can read.

Remember: Search engines can´t judge good or bad design, colors or photographs. Never forget that words and hypertext are the base for the Internet and the web to interconnect and exist. Only hyper linking can move you from one end of the web to the other.

Higher Indexing

Frequent work in the your website’s content along with updates, new articles and new information makes Robots from Search Engines, start working for you!

New information is always welcome. Old information will go the the garbage bin as soon as the web makes it obsolete.

Don’t let your website start losing high ranking due to old and obsolete contents.

A website is like a store in the street: If you don’t change the windows and showcases frequently, you become old and stale.

Keep fresh! Share your experiences, create new products, offer and opine on different ideas, keep moving forward. That is the key to stay on top.

Bear in mind tht search engine robots are precisely looking for new stuff all the time that will in turn shoot you to the top search results, after you have done your good content work.


Add value to your website and brand. Offer valuable information  to  your consumers, readers visitors, and possible leads.

Give them good information that will enlighten them somehow on whatever you offer or do. Give yourself the chance of showing everyone that you do know about your business, that your wording and vocabulary is not a common place in the web, and that you don’t sound or look like everyone else.

Dare to be different with your content and try to walk on your consumer’s needs, so you can respond to what they might be wondering.

Help your brand stand out from the crowd with good and valuable information. Add value to your services or products. Make the time on your website worthwhile for your readers. Give them the answers they might be looking for the fastest way possible.