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Live Support
Social Networking

Engrafito.com does social networking for it´s clients when requested.

The more links you have on the web the more chances you have for selling. Social networking is the key to reaching a bigger audience either it be your natural market or people who can come and relate to your business.

Social networking creates a group of targeted potential customers for your business.Relates to you and your business and becomes a way of sharing news with your captive audience. Through good writing and attractive images.

It is recommendable to have a Facebook page where you can share images and stories related to your business.

-Good images and interesting stories can help increase your " likes".

-When creating your Facebook page try naming it with keywords related.

-Be constant and put up stuff frequently.

-Be positive.

If you do share and have an opinion or news to post everyday twitter is recommendable. Twitter is short and straight to the point and can even help link to videos.

Is a very practical image bank that can also create leads and get clients. On one hand you can have your business image bank on hand and online. And on the other you may upload your images along with keywords and descriptions that can finally make a contribution to your Search Engine Ranking.

You Tube
If you wish a deeper and more compelling post of your business on the web, always consider producing a video and uploading it to Youtube.com. Once there it will be a matter of days to be taken into consideration by Google and help your website ranking.

Google +

In Google+ you can do postings as you can do at in other platforms. The good thing is how fas you can create your profile, how easy you can link your messages, upload photos and upload to Google+. The very great benefit is that you can see results and listings about your post in Google Search Engine.