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Why choose Engrafito

More than  25 years of experience in  Bilingual Web Design  have taught us to start and finish an Internet project successfully at affordable prices. We know how to take an idea all the way from a piece of paper to a complete corporate website. We develop for your company or your business a useful and functional website. We deliver!!

What should really go on your website?

Experience has taught us that your website should have:

- Useful information about products and services

- Very few fast loading animations

- Easy navigation menus

- Easy contact forms

- Straight to the point descriptions

- Fast loading images

- Page descriptions and key words so your website can be spidered by search  engines.

- Content, content, content

- Computer and mobile version.

- Versions in more than one language

Keys to completing a your website:

- Having all the information that will go on the website on hand.

- Having a clear goal of what you expect from the website.

- Having all texts and copyrighted material beforehand.

- If wanting to offer products, have good product shots or have them taken.

- Have digital image of your logo, along with corporate colors.

- Essentially to have a clear site map of the website to be.

- Work based on a flowchart sitemap.

- Have a constant flow of new content ready.

- An open mind to run a website properly and learn new stuff.

Think practical

If you want to  save lots of time, work and money. The customer's clarity will influence the final outcome from your web designer. The clearer and more complete information you give your designer,  the faster and more efficiently your website will be completed. Incomplete information  and vague ideas (spectacular, cool,) are the biggest drawbacks for finishing a project.

Making  things simple since 1991!